We provide a comprehensive range of affordable treatments in a relaxing and reassuring environment. Our approach is thorough and prompt. It is our aim to provide a wealth of clinically tried and tested solutions, which can be individually tailored to your specific needs.


We put you in control of your treatment plan by giving you an open and clear estimate of cost before we start any treatment, so you can establish which treatment option is right for you.

Price Guide

New Patient Examination/Consultation     £ 60 inc X-rays

Regular Patient Examination                        £ 28

Small X-Ray                                                      £  12

Hygiene Visit                                                    £  44

Metal Filling from                                           £  52

Tooth Coloured Filling from                         £  60

Root Canal Treatment from                          £295

Crown from                                                       £395

Cosmetic Crown from                                     £495

Bridge from                                                       £400 per unit/tooth

Denture Metal base from                                £700

Denture Acrylic from                                       £350

Extraction from                                                 £ 85

Tooth Whitening                                               £250









from £14 per month.


We accept new patients onto Denplan Care

Denplan explained
With Denplan your fixed monthly payments help you to budget for regular, affordable preventive dental care, without the fear of costly and unexpected bills.

Monthly payments include:

· All normal routine dental care including check-ups, fillings, x-rays and preventive care.

· For work involving laboratories, (crowns and bridges), the  

      time with the Denplan member dentists is covered, so the

      patient only pays the laboratory costs.

· Preventive care, including help with avoiding gum disease and tooth decay, scaling and polishing, fluoridation, dietary and other preventive advice.

· A 24 hour telephone helpline for immediate assistance in case of dental emergencies outside normal surgery hours, providing peace of mind.

· Whenever possible, referral to an English speaking dentist throughout the world.


The majority of patients at our practice have chosen to register as Denplan patients.


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